Name of Award Cup Prize Paper / Poster Title Winner 2018
Best Scientific session paper CDA Trophy £300 O07: A 10-year prospective longitudinal follow-up study of a U.K. paediatric transplant population to assess for skin cancer S.H. Foo, P. Nightingale, P. Gazzani, E. Bader, M. Ogboli, A. Martin-Clavijo, D. Milford, D. Kelly, C. Moss and M. Thomson
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 D001: Total body skin examination for patients presenting to skin cancer clinic: when does it really count? A retrospective review of 3816 patients D. Wen, B. Ng, R. Matin
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 D002: Dealing with increasing dermatology referrals – have we found an answer? F. Wren, R. Bali
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 D004: Identification of a Novel Cancer Stem Cell Sub-Population in Melanoma Pathological Specimens O. Knowles, P. Doldan, S. Lunt, I. Hillier-Richardson, L. Gammon, G. Youssef, M. Rahman, H. Rizvi, I. Mackenzie, C. Harwood, D. Bergamaschi, A. Biddle
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner
(Junior Doctor)
£100 D007: Characterisation and repair of the skin barrier defect in humans with quiescent atopic dermatitis K. Pearson, K. Brown, A. Wigley, J. Chittock, H. Wan, M. Cork, S. Danby
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner
(Junior Doctor)
£100 D008: The Impact of Anti-Thrombotic Agents on Cutaneous Surgical Outcomes M. O’Reilly, G. Murphy
DermSchool 2018 Poster Presentation Winner
(Junior Doctor)
£100 D009: Does the method of diagnostic biopsy increase the risk of melanoma recurrence? J. F. Waddell, S. A. Holme
Best Poster – original study (clinical or scientific, non-pharma sponsored) Bristol Cup for best overall  –decision made by chair £100 BRISTOL CUP RECIPIENT:

P49: Lack of positive correlation of blood and skin involvement in patients with mycosis fungoides and Sézary syndrome: a multicentre European study

A. Wernham, R. Stranzenbach, R. Stadler,
P. Ortiz-Romero, E. Guenova, P. Quaglino,
E. Hodak, E. Papadavid, U. Wehkamp,
F. Evison, M. Bagot and J. Scarisbrick

Venue Information

ACC Liverpool
Kings Dock,
Liverpool Waterfront,
Liverpool, Merseyside,
L3 4FP

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How to find the venue

Arrive by land, air, or sea. Two international airports, 20 minutes from the UK motorway network, and closer still to trains and ferries, ACC Liverpool is a venue that’s easy to reach, but such a special place that it’s always harder to leave.

Our address is Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4FP.

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