Awards & Prizes 2022

BAD Awards & Prizes – 2022:
102nd Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists

Category Name of Award Cup Prize Paper / Poster Title Winner
Academic Best Scientific session paper CDA Trophy £300 RF03: Risk factors for paradoxical eczema in patients with psoriasis on biologics: a nested case-control study A. Al-Janabi, A. Foulkes, C. E. Griffiths, Catherine Smith, Nick Reynolds, Brian Kirby and Richard Warren
DermSchool 2022 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 DermSch03: Mohs micrographic surgery and wide local excision as surgical management of porocarcinoma: a systematic review J.Joshy, S. Lim, K. Mistry, N. J. Levell, Z. Venables
DermSchool 2022 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 DermSch04: The association of atopic eczema with common infections and the role of lymphopenia: A matched-cohort study of UK electronic primary care records K.-L. Ang, A. Henderson, S. Langan, K. Mansfield
DermSchool 2022 Poster Presentation Winner (Medical Student) £100 DermSch13: Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Onychomycosis: A Systematic Review T.Emmanuel
DermSchool 2022 Poster Presentation Winner
(Junior Doctor)
£100 DermSch16: Routine assessment of cardiovascular disease risk in patients with immune mediated inflammatory skin disease –are we doing it right in dermatology? R.Blyth, X. L. Tan, R. Lamb
DermSchool 2022 Poster Presentation Winner
(Junior Doctor)
£100 DermSch18: Evaluation of Teledermatology Sustainability During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the UK: A Mixed-Methods Analysis Y.Nikookam, A.Lowe, R.Abbott, A.Wernham
Best Poster – original study (clinical or scientific, non-pharma sponsored) Bristol Cup for best overall – decision made by chair £100 BRISTOL CUP RECIPIENT
P77: Melanosphere culture of BRAF mutant melanoma identifies CD20 as an adjuvant therapeutic target
A. Mukhtar, H. Morgan, G. Davies, A. Gibbs, M. Williams, C. Lovatt and G. Patel
Best Poster – case report £100 P01: ‘Age is just a number’: a rare facial blistering eruption in an 18-year-old female E. Porter, I. Timoney, N. Leonard, A. Ud-din and M. Lynch
Best Registrar’s paper Trophy and cheque £300 RF05 Checkpoint inhibitor associated bullous cutaneous adverse immune-related events: a multicentre observational study A.Kawsar, C. Edwards, C. A. Harwood, R. Matin, P. Lorigan, C. Harland, P. Patel, R. Heywood, A. Gupta, J. Mann, Heelan, J. Larkin and L. Fearfield
Clinico-pathological Best clinico-pathological paper Cheque £100 CPC09: A contrasting diagnosis: iododerma A.Kelly, R. Gandhi, N. Arujuna and
J. Natkunarajah
BSPAD Best Poster PA29: Safety outcomes when using topical corticosteroids on admission in eczema herpeticum: a single-centre retrospective cohort L. Steele, S. Innes, J. Oldham, M. Cunningham, S. Dhoat, B. McDonald and E. O’Toole
Martin Beare Paediatric Silver Salver PA04 Monitoring mental health in children and young people attending dermatology clinics Almasi-Nasrabadi, S. Shinhmar, S. Baron, Flohr, T. Mcpherson, E. Howard, S. Bennett, I. Heyman, R. Ali and J. Ravenscroft
Darrell Wilkinson Historical Award – Winner £100 H21 Exploring historical treatments for syphilis through the autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini (1500–1571) S. F. H. Shah
Historical Best Oral Presentation H01 After the blast: a skin perspective N. King Stokes
BAD/ASME Education Prize for Best Oral Presentation £100 DT01 Technology-enhanced learning interventions on skin-of-colour dermatology for dermatology trainees and fellows: are they effective or sustainable? S. Puri, J. Guckian and N. Elshimy
BSCA Best SpR Presentation (Joint Winner) £50 CD01: The ‘extended’ facial series audit: recommendation to include shellac and sodium benzoate in the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy Facial Series S. Rolls, D. Buckley, M. M.U. Chowdhury, S. Dawe, C. Holden, F. Latheef, A. Mughal, B. Pees, A. Rajeev, R. Sabroe, L. F. Soriano, D. Thompson, H. Whitehouse, M. Wilkinson and N. Stone
BSCA Best Poster Presentation £50 CD13 Determining the spectral response of positive patch test results with the view of developing a multispectral imaging camera to improve the accuracy of virtual patch testing L. Kiely, M. McAuliffe, A. Hollywood and
J. F. Bourke
Best Psychodermatology presentation £50 PS05 – High levels of psychological distress, sleep disturbance and alcohol use disorder in adults with atopic dermatitis: a cross-sectional study E. Gilhooley, C. O’Grady, D. Roche, J.M. Mahon, P.A.M. Tobin and P.C. Ryan
Best Psychodermatology Poster Presentation £50 PS01 Prescribing antipsychotics in dermatology: a national survey of clinical experience, physician confidence and training needs L. Li, R. Fisher, G. Wali and L. I. Firouzabadi
BPG Prize for Best Presentation £100 PD08 Optimization of narrowband ultraviolet B for psoriasis using a precision-medicine approach: PHOTO-OPP study (PHOTOtherapy Optimisation Protocol in Psoriasis) A. Havelin, F. Schmarov, P. Zuliani,
N. Reynolds and S. Weatherhead
BPG Prize for Best Poster £50 PD10 Longitudinal variation in phototherapy cabinets: how much is reaching the lower legs? F. Campbell, J. Britton, R. Newton,
F. Armistead, Z. Middleton, M. Polachova,
R. Ramzan, R. Montgomery and V. Goulden
BSMD Medical Dermatology Prize for Best Oral Presentation £100 O02 Risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes associated with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and immune-modifying therapies: a nationwide cohort study in the OpenSAFELY platform S.Langan, B. McKenna, N. Kennedy, A. Mehkar, A. Rowan, J. Galloway, J. Matthewman, K. Mansfield, K. Bechman, M. Yates, J. Brown, A. Schultze, S. Norton, A. Walker, C. Morton, Harrison, K. Bhaskaran, C. Rentsch, E. Williamson, R. Croker, S. Bacon, G. Hickman, T. Ward, S. Davy, A. Green, Fisher, W. Hulme, C. Bates, H. Curtis, J. Tazare, R. Eggo, D. Evans, P. Inglesby, J. Cockburn,
H. McDonald, L. Tomlinson, R. Mathur, A. Wong, H. Forbes, J. Parry, F. Hester, S. Harper, I. Douglas, L. Smeeth, C. Lees,S. Evans, B. Goldacre and C. Sm
BADGEM Clinical Meeting
Best Oral Presentation
£100 BG06 – VEXAS syndrome: a case series M. Duncan, T. Basu, J. Salisbury, A. Kulasekararaj and D. Sterling
BADGEM Clinical Meeting
Best Poster Presentation
£100 BG12 Cicatricial junctional epidermolysis bullosa: a forgotten subtype M. Hunjan, D. Balacco, D. Wen, A. Bardhan,
N. Harper and A. Hegearty
BSDS Ashley Cooper Award for best presentation  – Best Scientific Presentation £100 book tokens DS01 – An international, prospective cohort study CompAring Non-absorbable Versus Absorbable sutures for Skin surgery: the CANVAS Service Evaluation A.Lee, G. Stanley, R. G. Wade, J. M. Batchelor,
R. A. Abbott, M. D. Gardiner, A. Wernham and
D. Veitch
BSDS Ashley Cooper Award for best presentation – Best Clinical Presentation £100 book tokens DS10 – The spiralled Reiger flap: a novel approach to the reconstruction of challenging defects of the distal nose: lessons learned from 44 cases H.Smith and W. Hussain
BSDS Award for Best Poster £100 book tokens DS17 – Results of a clinician questionnaire assessing the design and feasibility of the SeCondary intention versus grAfts for heaLing scalP wounds study (SCALP) W. Hunt, J. Mann, I. Ashraf, D. Gnanappiragasam, R. Barlow, A. Wernham, R. Abbott
and C. DeGiovanni
BHNS Andrew Messenger Award for Best Oral Presentation £100 BH04 Global Guidelines in Dermatology Mapping Project (GUIDEMAP): a systematic review and critical appraisal of alopecia areata clinical practice guidelines L. Asfour, M. De Brito, A. Al-Janabi, W. Haw, C. Flohr and Z. Yiu
BHNS Award for Best Poster Presentation £75 BH15 Erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp in a patient commenced on a bispecific antibody targeting epidermal growth factor receptor and mesenchymal–epithelial transition factor D. Rutkowski, P. Huddar, M. Krebs and M. Harries
PSG QUIZ WINNER 1ST PRIZE  iPad Dr Lianne Thomas

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