Conference and Events Committee

Dr Piu Banerjee – Chair (Clinical Vice President)

Dr Iqra Ashraf (Trainee Representative)
Miss Annabelle Bervert (Events Co-Ordinator)
Dr Tony Bewley (Honorary Treasurer)
Dr Tanya Bleiker (President)
Prof Sara Brown (Academic Representative)
Dr Mabs Chowdhury (President-Elect)
Dr Fareeha Faisal (SAS Representative)
Mr Chris Garrett (Director of Conference & Event Services)
Mrs Catherine Hanaway (Finance Officer)
Dr Bryan McDonald (Honorary Secretary)
Mr Simon Morrison (Chief Executive Officer)
Dr Ruth Murphy (Immediate Past President)
Mr Con O’Sullivan (Events Co-Ordinator)
Ms Amanda Roberts (Patient Representative)
Prof Richard Warren (Academic Vice President)
Dr Louise Zuzarte (Assistant Trainee Representative)

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