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Conference and Events Committee

Dr Louise Fearfield (Clinical Vice President) – Chair

Dr Michael Ardern-Jones (Academic Representative)
Miss Marilyn Benham (Chief Executive Officer)
Miss Annabelle Bervert (Conference & Events Assistant)
Dr Tony Bewley (Honorary Treasurer)
Dr Tanya Bleiker (Honorary Treasurer-Elect)
Mrs Jenna Bowler (Senior Events Coordinator)
Dr Fareeha Faisal (SAS Representative Elect)
Mr Christopher Garrett (Conference & Event Manager)
Mrs Catherine Hanaway (Finance Officer / Deputy CEO)
Dr Ruchika Kumari (Trainee Representative)
Dr Tabi Leslie (Honorary Secretary)
Prof Nick Levell (Immediate Past President)
Dr George Millington (Academic Vice President)
Dr Ruth Murphy (President)

Centenary Committee

Prof Nick Levell (Immediate Past President)- Chair

Miss Marilyn Benham (Chief Executive Officer)
Miss Holly Barber (Junior Communications Officer)
Dr Tanya Bleiker (President Elect)
Dr Louise Fearfield (Clinical Vice President)
Prof David Gawkrodger (Chair Historical Sub-Committee)
Mr Christopher Garrett (Conference & Events Manager)
Mr Matthew Gass (Media and Communications Manager)
Miss Nina Goad (Head of Communications)
Dr John Ingram (BJD Editor)
Miss Teagan Kelly (Events Coordinator)
Dr Tabi Leslie (Honorary Secretary)
Dr Bryan McDonald (Assistant Honorary Secretary)
Dr Ruth Murphy (President)
Mrs Amanda Roberts  (Patient Group Representative)
Dr Anshoo Sahota (Past Honorary Treasurer)

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