Outline 2024 Programme

Full programme details to appear later

MONDAY 1ST JULY – Pre-Conference Sessions

Time Talk Title Speaker
09:00 Registration & Coffee
09:50 Introduction
10:00 Lesion recognition Speaker 1
10:30 Practical Workshops: Cryotherapy, Dermoscopy & Punch biopsy alongside ePosters
12:45 Lunch
13:15 BSDS Quiz Dr Chris Bower
13:30 Skin Surgery Speaker 3
14:00 Psychodermatology Speaker 4
14:30 Connective Tissue Speaker 5
15:00 Taster Dermatology Rui Baptista Gonçalves
15:15 Break
15:30 A day in the life of a medical dermatologist Speaker 7
16:00 Skin of Colour Marisa Taylor
16:20 Research talk – How to get into dermatology research & Academic Pathway Prof Michael Arden-Jones
16:40 Career Panel Chair: Prof Michael Arden-Jones

Panel: Shelia McSweeny (PHD), Rui Baptista Gonçalves and others tbc.

17:45 Prizes
18:00 Social @ Revolucion de Cuba
Time Talk Title Speaker
13:00 Welcome
13:10 Cosmetic Dermatology for Trainees Dr Tamara Griffiths
13:40 Education and Research Prof Michael Ardern-Jones
14:10 Contact Dermatitis Dr Graham Johnson
14:40 Break
15:30 Talk 4 Speaker TBC
16:00 Hair Disorders Dr Leila Asfour
16:30 Talk 6 Speaker TBC

OOPE opportunities Careers panel (5 minute overview of each area)

17:00 Talk 7 Speaker TBC
17:05 Paediatric (virtual) Dr Helen Goodyear
17:15 Medical (virtual) Dr Marieta Papanikolou
17:20 EB Reserach (virtual) Dr Angeliki Giannopoulou
17:25 Talk 11 Speaker TBC
17:30 Talk 12 Speaker TBC
17:35 Q&A Session
17:55 Close
Time Talk title Speaker
12:55 Welcome Dr Rosemary Akinbisehin
13:00 Private Practice for SAS doctors Dr Ava Lee
13:30 Use of lasers in pigmentary conditions Prof Vishal Madan
14:00 Talk 3 Speaker TBC
14:30 SAS doctors in Research Prof Michael Ardern-Jones
15:00 Contact Dermatitis Dr Graham Johnston
15:30 Break
16:00 Talk 6 Speaker TBC
16:30 The use of dermoscopy in inflammatory skin conditions Dr Tony Downs
17:00 Challenging cases in dermatology Dr Ian Coulson
17:30 Portfolio Pathway talk and Q&A Ava Lee

Shalini Narayan

Other speakers tbc

18:10 – 18:15 Close

In person and online event

Chair: Dr Arti Bakshi

Timings Programme 
12:00 -13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 15:30 Cases 1 -20
15:30 – 16:00 Break
16:00 – 18:00 Cases 20 – 36


Dr Anoud Zidan
Dr Asok Biswas
Dr Cynthia Heffron
Dr Eleni Ieremia
Dr Ruth Green
Dr Saleem Taibjee
Dr Somaia Elsheikh
Dr Su Enn Low
Dr William Rickaby

Time Talk Title Speaker
12:00 Registration & Lunch
12:55 Introduction Dr Thomas Lucke and Prof Minal Singh
13:00 Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Assoc Prof Myrto Trakatelli
14:00 Talk 2 TBC
14:30 Break
14:50 Everyone is a leader in healthcare Dr Tanya Bleiker
15:20 Talk 4 TBC
15:50 Medical Leadership Prof Nick Levell
16:20 EADV Leadership Development programme Dr Stephen Smith
16:50 Q & A Session
17:00 Close


Time Abstract Title Authors
08:45 CPC01: An unexpected infection in dermatology outpatients; cutaneous diphtheria Helena Wells, Joanne Hague and Claudia Roberts
08:52 CPC02: Breast carcinoma presenting as carcinoma erysipeloides/en cuirasse of the left neck sparing the chest: a rare diagnostic challenge Mi Joo Choi, Natalie King Stokes, Johnathan Carter, Domenico Mesiano and Richard Carr
08:59 CPC03: Notch your average dermatitis Amy Long, Lisa Murphy, Claire Quigley, Niamh Leonard and Julieanne Clowry
09:06 CPC04: An atypical case of vasculitis: when immunosuppression is not the answer Perin Celebi, Hannah Sherlock, Rand Hawari and Maaz Abid
09:13 CPC05: A case of adult-onset en coup de sabre responsive to abatacept Sophie Diong, Bairbre Wynne and Mairin McMenamin
09:20 CPC06: The proof is in the ink: granulomatous tattoo reaction secondary BRAF and MEK inhibition Emma Porter, Aaron Gould, Ilona Hopkins, Toby Talbot and Rania Mogawer
09:27 CPC07: Occupational cutaneous larva migrans presenting as diffuse folliculitis with concurrent helminthiasis Kellen Beck-Sander, Alice Coulton, Joanna Cooke and Hywel Cooper
09:34 CPC08: Two fatal cases of fulminant, rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease secondary to MDA5 dermatomyositis Narin Shareef and Jana Natkunarajah
09:41 CPC09: Two cases of late-onset dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa COL7A1 mutations Lisa OHiggins, Jason Hynes, Cristina Grechin, Andrew Hudson, Muireann Roche and Marina O’Kane
09:48 CPC10: A curious case of recurrent melanomas and field change confided to the left thigh over 25 years Khawar Hussain, Jenny Chung, Charlotte Goss, Carolina Fernandez, Siddarth Dave, Justin Weir, Emma Craythorne and Louise Fearfield
09:55 CPC11: A case of C3 bullous dermatosis Bindi Gaglani, Paola De Mozzi and Sophia Watts
10:02 CPC12: A metastatic melanoma mimic: malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour in the setting of a rare germline BAP1 disease-causing variant Amy Cunliffe, Rand Hawari, Angana Mitra, Bipin Mathew, William Merchant, Hayley Smith, Andrew J. Muinonen-Martin and Maulina Sharma
10:09 CPC13: BRAF mutated and morphologically Spitz naevi and tumours: a series of four cases Maged Daruish, Helen Goodyear, Julie Lemahieu and Saleem Taibjee
10:16 CPC14: Winning streak: a case of congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma Cathal OConnor, Neidin Bussmann, Cynthia Heffron, Sarah Ni Mhaolcatha and Sally O’Shea
Time Title Speaker
15:00 Inv01: A year in the Pregnancy Skin clinic Dr Samantha Vaughan Jones (Chertsey)
15:20 Inv02: Measuring true success in dermatological surgery – what patients demand & what surgeons deliver Dr Joseph Sobanko (Philadelphia, United States)
15:40 Inv03: TBC TBC
16:00 KL01: An update from the Covid or Mpox registry Dr Esther Freeman (Boston, United States)
16:30 KL02: Scales of the Unexpected Mandy Alwin-Easton and Prof Mellerio
17:10 BAD Roadshow Prof Mabs Chowdhury and Officers
17:30 BAD Awards Presentation Prof Mabs Chowdhury
17:45 Official handover of President’s chain
17:50 President’s Address Dr Tamara Griffiths


Time Title Speaker
08:45 O01: TBC TBC
09:00 O02: The effectiveness of adalimumab biosimilars and originator for the treatment of psoriasis: a cohort study from the British Association of Dermatologists Biologics and Immunomodulators Register (BADBIR) Duc Binh Phan, Anthony Bewley, Philip Laws, Teena Mackenzie, Catherine Smith, Christopher Griffiths, Mark Lunt, Richard Warren and Zenas Z.N. Yiu
09:15 MD01: An update on Isotretinoin Dr Jane Ravenscroft (Nottingham)
09:35 O03: Comparing the treatment effectiveness and safety of ciclosporin, dupilumab and methotrexate in adult and paediatric patients with atopic eczema: results from the UK-Irish A-STAR register Helen Alexander, Rayka Malek, David Prieto-Merino, Elizaveta Gribaleva, Manisha Baden, Paula Beattie, Sara Brown, Tim Burton, Shona Cameron, Bola Coker, Michael J. Cork, Ross Hearn, John R. Ingram, Alan D. Irvine, Graham A. Johnston, Alice Lambert, Mark Lunt, Irene Man, Louise Newell, Graham Ogg, Prakash Patel, Mandy Wan, Richard B. Warren, Richard Woolf, Zenas Z.N. Yiu, Nick J. Reynolds, Michael R. Ardern-Jones and Carsten Flohr
09:50 MD02: Treatment of chronic itch – finally possible? Prof Martin Metz (Berlin, Germany)
10:10 Break Exhibition Hall
11:00 O04: How useful is chest X-ray in addition to routine QuantiFERON® in the detection of latent tuberculosis prior to biologics? Niamh Kearney, Fawad Aslam, Grace Boyd, Natasha Boylan, Emma Laverty, Rosie O’Hare, Victoria Campbell, Susannah Hoey and Donal O’Kane
11:15 O05: Risk of keratinocyte carcinomas in patients with psoriasis treated with biologic therapy: analysis from the British association of Dermatologists Biologics and Immunomodulators Register (BADBIR), on behalf of the BADBIR Study Group Shamarke Esse, Oras Alabas, Kayleigh Mason, Sarah Ryan, Nick Reynolds, Catherine Smith, Christopher Bunker, Christopher Griffiths, Adele Green and Richard Warren
11:30 O06: Abatacept efficacy in severe refractory morphoea: experience from a specialized centre Sophia Watts, Emma Gardette and Catherine Orteu
11:45 MD03: Autoinflammatory syndromes Dr Sinisa Savic (Leeds)
12:05 MD04: Medical Dermatology cases from the Caribbean (Virtual) Dr Jonathan Ho (Jamaica)
Time Title Speakers
14:15 O07: Clinical and mycological profile of dermatophyte infections in England Khanh Linh Phan and David Chandler
14:30 O08: Findings of the British Association of Dermatologist’s career survey of dermatologists in training and new consultant dermatologists Lauren Passby, Ajoy Bardhan and Tamara Griffiths
14:45 O09: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma survivial in England 2004-202: a national retrospective observational cohort study Birgitta van Bodegraven, Sally Vernon, Chloe Bright, Thomas Higgins, Polly Jeffery, Anna Ascott, Sonia Gran, Catherine A.Harwood, George Millington, Charlotte Proby and Zoe Venables
15:00 Late Breaking
15:50 End
Time Title Speaker
16:00 KL03: TBC TBC
16:30 ERG -the American Climate Change group Dr Misha Rosenbach (Philadelphia, United States)
16:50 – GLODERM and global health/education Dr Sidra Khan (Manchester)
17:20 – 17:40 Skin of Colour Dr Susan Taylor (Philadelphia, United States)
17:40 End


Time Title Speaker
08:30 O10: A national retrospective cohort study of the incidence and trends of 3061 cases of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in England between 2013 and 2020 Charlotte Sheern, Nick Levell, Polly Jeffery, Khaylen Mistry, Matthew J.Sorer and Zoe Venables
08:45 O11: Associations between hyperlinearity of the sole and filaggrin variants in atopic eczema in a South Asian population: a cross-sectional study Xiang Li Tan, Johnathon Chan, Bjorn Thomas, Stefan Van Duijvenboden, Sarah Hogan, Aaron Hughes, Soha Tawfik, Sasha Dhoat, Ravinder Atkar, Elizabeth Robinson, Syedia Rahman, Samiha Rahman, Rehana Ahmed, Rubina Begum, Habiba Khanam, Emma Bourne, Eva Wozniak, Charles Mein, David Kelsell and Edel O’Toole
09:00 Inv06: New trial methodology and its application in Dermatology Prof Beth Stuart (London)
09:20 BSID Best Paper
09:35 Inv07: Spatial transcriptomics – how this can help us understand skin disease Prof Killian Eyerich (Freiburg, Germany)
09:55 THESIS AWARD winner
10:10 Break
11:00 Inv08:Vulval diseases Prof Dame Lesley Regan (London)
11:20 O12: Community Psoriasis: Phenotype and Comorbidity Assessment (COPPACA): an observational study of the prevalence, phenotype and health burden of psoriasis in the community Fiona Campbell, Stephanie Harrison, Rebecca Golenya, Cleone Pardoe, Dennis McGonagle, Gabriele De Marco, Philip Helliwell, Hannah Bennett, Pavan Sambi, David Wright, Kave Shams, Helena Marzo-Ortega and Philip Laws
11:35 Inv09: Dermoscopy Prof Christian Aldridge
11:55 O13: 42 590 fewer skin tumours diagnosed in England during Omsin Srimudkul, Zoe C. Venables, Nick J. Levell, Khaylen Mistry and Birgitta Van Bodegraven
12:10 End
Time Title Speaker
13:30 KL05: AI/DICOM Prof Liam Caffery (Queensland, Australi)
14:00 Inv06: TBC TBC
14:20 Inv07: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership TBC
14:40 RO: Arthur Rook Oration Dr David de Berker (Bristol)
15:25 End